My cursus :

– Diploma concert pianist. (Certificate of merit)

– CAP aesthetic/cosmetic level.

– Intensive massage training with Benoit

Specialized training :

– Study of Ayurvéda – Abyangham, 2005-2006

– Thai massage at the Wat Po Temple school, Bangkok. Thailand, 2007

– Study of Abyangham and Shirodhara, Kerala, India, 2009

– Thaï foot massage, Loi Kroh school, Chiang Mai, Thaïland, 2010

Your wellbeing at centre stage: not very motivated at school, I stopped my studies to start my own company at a young age, whilst at the same time living my passion for playing the piano. The test of strengths with the classical music lovers, made me prefer the softness of the human aesthetic contacts. Being a passionate lover of the good life, I was motivated to create Harmonice with Benoît. A company which is representative for my philosophy about life.

It is essential for me, a sine qua non, that Harmonice offer the highest standards of services, over and over again. You should not only feel very welcome but most of all you should appreciate and value our treatments, which should exceed your expectations: time and time again.