Facial cares

WISHpro anti-aging facial care

Complet : Duration: 1h – Price: 95€

— AntiAging Ritual —
WISHpro complete + Kobido Facial Massage
1h30 – 130€

Cure : 5 sessions – 395€
Care Post Cure : 40 mn – 70€

— As an option —
Duration: 20min – Price: 35€


Come discover our brand new revolutionary antiaging facial care !


No need to have injections to smooth your wrinkles . The WISHpro technology rejuvenates your face in 15 minutes without any needle !


World patent for the 3 revolutions of WISHpro



Transcutaneous diffusion of cosmetic substances : Botox (argireline), hyaluronic acid, collagen, serum… with magnetophoresis (Grand Innovation Award)



The capsule is put on a machine with technological heads : active substances are directly applied on the skin with no other contact.


Micro electrical current for a tightening effect, phototherapy red diode (660 nm) to stimulate the fibroblasts, blue light (420 nm) and bactericidal soothing, gentle micro dermabrasasion.


Wrinkles filled and skin smoothed
Skin strengthened and soothed
Radiant complexion

Personalized relaxing Facial

Duration: 1h – Price: 70€

— WISHpro capsule option  —
20mn –35€


This skin treatment is also very effective, because it is entirely focused on your own skin problems. It consists of a relaxing massage and a lymphatic, esthetic draining of the face, which in its turn are necessary steps to react effectively to the condition of your scarf and true skin…and at the same token, to give you a great moment of relaxation. For this facial we have designed ourselves, a cosmetic product range based on natural products with a preference for Ayurvedic products. (All produced in India).


To get the best out of this beauty care products , we use  a high frequency device, a proven technology, which gives access to a large spectrum of esthetical practices: removal of bad tissues (killing bacteria and repairing the structures of the organism), indirect removal of bad tissues by stimulating those tissues that are optimally coping with a wrinkled skin: “the mini-lifting-effect” or the removal of residual substances in order to clean the skin and treat acne or the predisposition for acne.


Time, seasons, periods of stress and fatigue…your personal situation is unique, just as your body and your skin. It is for this reason that the personalized treatment can do miracles for you. A real lifting effect for a healthy skin, radiating youth and energy. This skin treatment I also most refreshing before a massage Californian with essential oils, as it strengthens he perception of softness and the purity of the massage.

Body cares

Body Cares

Duration : 1h – Price : 70€

— As an Option —
Duration: 20mn – Price: 35€


Softness and beauty of the skin.


The first benefit of this treatment is the refinement of the skin. Our cream, to remove dead skin particles, restores its brilliance and its bracing effect. At the end of the treatment your skin will have come back to life again. It will be softer, more regular and more beautiful!


The body scrub also helps to accelerate and equalize the tanning process. It is in this context that we specifically advise you this treatment before being exposed to the sun.


This treatment is very welcome before a relaxing massage as it emphasize the smoothness of the skin and the quality of touch.

Body wrap

Duration : 20 mn – Price : 70€

— As an Option —
Duration : 20mn – Price : 35€


The body wrap is a technique which stems from the Thalassotherapy, which bases itself mostly on the elements found in the sea, in particular seaweed (phytotherapy, seaweed therapy) and sea mud (fango therapy).


The body wrap has a positive overall positive effect in re-mineralizing, relaxation and losing weight. To choose for a wrapping treatment means losing weight, to relax, to look younger and to become more attractive at the same time.


Whilst the muscles unravel and the mind relaxes, the pores of the skin dilate, absorbing the beneficial elements and eliminating the residual toxins by sweating.The skin is purified, revitalized and shining.


Steam bath

Duration: 20min – Price: 15€

Option : in addition to a care, massage or pack


The Steam bath (Hammam or Turkish bath) exists since the days of the Roman thermae. A traditional place for meeting and greeting. For sure it is also very private at HARMONICE (alone or as couple). The Hammam is a comfortable hot steam bath, often interspersed with cold showers. The sportive persons know its virtues very well: after exertion, its vasodilating properties cannot find its equal when it comes to relaxing the muscles, to relieve the aches and ligaments pains.
Its humid warmth is also effective against stress, fatigue, insomnia, physical and psychosomatic tensions and for its marvelous effect on the skin, which is cleaned, regenerated and strengthened.


The Hammam can be very well combined with our other treatments, such as facials, relaxing massage etc.

Be aware: don’t mix up the Hammam with the Sauna, its Nordic nephew. Based on the principle of dry hot air, the Sauna shares the same benefits of draining the impurities (toxins, urea…) as the Hammam; however it doesn’t have the same effectiveness when it comes to regenerating the skin and restoring the beauty of the skin.

Jacuzzi / Whirlpool

Duration : 20 mn – Price : 20€

Option : in addition to a care, massage or pack


Excellent to relax body and soul with the action of hot water, jets, bubbles, great view…


Our Jacuzzi is top quality: 68 jets, reclining position, LEDs…


Ideal to slow down before the cares / massages.

Option : in addition to a care, massage or pack



Duration: 20min – Price : 35€

In addition to a care, massage or pack.

To personalize your experience!

Express facial care
WISHpro facial care treatment
Indian Massage of the Head
Body scrub
Body wrap
ntroduction to Meditation (30mn)


• Express facial care:Cleansing facial care with scrub, lotion and day cream.


• WISHpro facial care treatment: Use of a WISHpro capsule: treatment lasting 15mns with a quick cleansing.


• Reflexology: Short version, perfect to complete a massage or another care.


• Indian massage of the head:Very relaxing option for those liking the head massage.


• Body scrub: Short version, a deep cleanse of the skin.


• Body wrap:Nourishing and Relaxing… During this treatment you can enjoy other options such as Indian massage of the head, reflexology, facial care…


• Introduction to Meditation: This new option allows you to discover meditation with Benoît who is practicing it for 3 years. Guided session and some time to share the feelings rased.