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Contact & Informations

247 route de la Lauvette, 06340 Nice/Cantaron
+33 4 93 81 13 22


  From Monday till Saturday : 9:00 till 19h:00
Sundays and public holidays :  surcharge of 30 €
Evening : surcharge of 25 € after 19:00 and 50 € after 21:00
Early morning : surcharge of 25 € before 9:00


Accepted Payment Methods :
cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), French bank check.

Detailed Maps



We’re open from Monday till Saturday 9:00 till 19:00. We can welcome you out of these opening hours but with an additional charge :


  • After 19:00 25€ per person.
  • After 21h:00  50€ per person.
  • Morning before 9 : 25€ per person.
  • Sundays and public holidays : 30€ per person.

Outcall prices for Nice or around the Spa : 30€ extra on the price of the cares.


Further there’s an additional charge to add:

  • Cagnes, Saint Laurent, Villefranche, Beaulieu : 10€
  • Antibes / Juan / Monaco / Menton : 20€
  • Cannes : 30€

Gift Vouchers

They can be on any care, pack or even course !


No need to move from your place ! Simply contact us via email or phone and we’ll prepare you the voucher you can print yourself or receive by mail.


The payment can be done with a wire bank transfer or with your credit card details by phone with a distant securised transaction.

Privatization of the Spa

For special events you can book the whole Spa !


Companies, girl bachelor party, special events…


Please contact us to expose your project and we’ll propose you a specific offer pending on your needs and desires.


If necessary we can also take care of the meal, simple or elaborated, home made as always.


Maximum 8 people. Full day, evening, etc. up to you ! We’ll do our best to offer you an unforgettable experience !

Voucher 5 treatments

For those willing to have massage or waxing on a regular basis.

15% reduction !


You can do different cares on the different sessions according to your wishes and needs.


For example :

– 295€ Voucher 5 treatments : Relaxing Massage or Reflexology or Relaxing Facial or Body scrub or Agyangham Ayurvedic Massage…

– 395€ Voucher 5 treatments : 4 hands Relaxing Massage or Essential Massage or Thaï Massage or Hot Stone Massage or Shirodhara Ayurvedic Massage …


For the waxing, the price of the voucher is depending on the duration of the sessions.


New !


You can sponsor your friends and family members !


They just have to tell us they come from you !


20% of the total amount of their first visit will be granted to you with a gift voucher that you’ll receive by email.


This voucher is valid for 6 months. If you sponsor other people, it’ll be added to your gift voucher and the total validity will be prolonged of 6 months. Here again you’ll receive it by email.


You can pay:


  • Cash
  • With a credit card *
  • With a french bank check
  • With a bank transfer
  • On the phone with a credit card *


For the bank transfer, the payment has to be done prior to the treatments.


* Visa or Mastercard


Only by appointment

The time you spend with us is holy. 


In the Spa their is no interference neither from telephones nor a ringing bell.


Therefore we cannot receive you when we are with a costumer, reason we ask you to make a reservation beforehand.

Changing appointments

You can reschedule your reservation 48 hours in advance. In case you don’t reschedule your reservation, it cannot be replaced and it cannot be reimbursed.


An appointment that has been rescheduled or cancelled more than three times is expired.


You can cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance.


Downpayment will not be reimbursed but can be used for your next appointment.

Payment conditions

Sometimes we may ask you for a downpayment. It happens e.g. with new customers, who make reservations during peak hours. Sometimes we do the same on special days such as Valentine’s Day or on days that we have a waiting list.


Thanks for your understanding.

Time schedule

The durations indicated are for the  sessions. Included is the time needed for changing clothes, shower and the little snack (in case of the packs).

We’re not physiotherapists but specialists of the wellbeing massages. Harmonice proposes esthetical and wellbeing treatments: wellness, beauty and reduce stress.