Massage course unit (2h)

Tarif : 130€ per student

Practice session (2h)

Tarif : 130€

If needed a model can be provided for 20€.

Possibility of training stays : week-end/week with or without accommodation


Proposed courses


Relaxing Massage (Californian) : Inititation + 4 units of improvement + 1 unit of validation

Head Massage : 1 unit

Ayurveda – Abyabgham : 5 units

Hot Stone Massage : 3 units

Thaï Massage of Wat Po Temple : 6 units of improvement + 1 unit of validation

These courses are for:
– Individuals willing to know the basics of massage
– Professionals willing to complete their trainingThose willing to become Professionals

The courses are individual lessons to adapt to the expectations, the level and availability of each. Everything is provided: massage table, oils, towels, drinks … And in the spirit Harmonice!Warm atmosphere and an excellent value for money.



Former piano teacher, it is with passion and enthusiasm that Christophe shares his knowledge. Particularly in learning Ayurveda, he intervenes and shares his love for this ancient science that he likes a lot.He also continues to learn either in Ayurveda, massages or aesthetic to perfect and bring ever more, whether in care or to transmit during training.

Caveat : We both are no kinetherapists but masseurs for wellbeing. The treatments which we propose are body treatments and aesthetical massages. They are meant to make you feel good and they help you to control stress.