Relaxing Massages

Relaxing – The classical

Duration : 1h – Price : 95€

Relaxing Massage of Californian type with Essential oils.


The massage “Californian” is the most widespread and well known anti stress massage !


In essence soft and all encompassing. It is based on broad movements over the body as a whole and it enhances the feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. The treatment combines essential oils (mostly Weleda oils), music and massage, causing a deep relaxation. One of the most comforting oil massages, thanks to its broad embracing movements.


Feel your body unwind, zone after zone, to be refilled with a feeling of wellbeing.
We advise this massage to everybody, novices or experts alike, who feel the need to distress.

Relaxing – The 4 hands

Duration : 50 mn – Price : 95€


The two masseurs follow a strict protocol which deals with your body as a whole. Their hands crisscross and join in synchronized action, which invites you “to let yourself go”. You are left to surrender yourself to the most pleasant sensations of feeling free and relieved by this unique massage; a new dimension.


With Harmonice it is done by experts, who are accustomed to practicing this massage together: their synchronization and their complementarity are what makes the difference. Interlacing and symmetric movements make you forget everything and leave you with no other choice but letting yourself go. We leave you enraptured with our four hand massage.

Relaxing – The Essential

Duration : 1h20 – Price : 95€


It will take some one hour and 20 minutes and it requires all skills and talents , as well as the knowhow of the masseur. According to your needs, your desires and your reactions during the massage, we add and enrich it with different techniques.


In doing so, we achieve that the massage will be tailor made to your needs, at any time responding to your mood of the moment. Sometimes a head massage is added, sometimes a reflexology of the foot soles or a slow massage of the back.
In short: a massage you cannot resist.

Hot stone massage

Duration : 1h – Price : 95€


This massage is known for combining the soothing effect of an oil type of massage with that of an energetic massage.


The combined action of the massage itself (executed with the hands and the stones) as well as the beneficial warmth of the volcanic stones, leads to a deep relaxation of the body and the mind.


Hot stones are positioned on specific points in order to untie muscles and bring energy to the body. These stones are also used to massage you, using the heat, heaviness and softness for a deep relaxing treatment.


Ayurveda : This antic science from India is based on the knowledge of the energies in the body, their flow, problems and ways to restaure and enhance them. The roads to restoring our harmony, are different for each of us. This massage is based on our analysis of your own Ayurvedic constitution and the check-up of its unbalances. Ideally speaking, the Ayurveda should have a personalized follow-up, using the most appropriate techniques and the choice of massage oils.


Duration : 1h – Price : 70€


The aim of this massage is to rebalance the body and to restore its harmony. Each person can be defined by his/her Ayurvedic condition, the result of the proportions of various energies that circulate in the body.

By studying your Ayurvedic condition, it enables us to focus on your needs and, as a consequence, to adapt our massages. It will guarantee you a direct and durable return of your physical balance.

We like to recommend you to regularly have these kind of sessions, in order to improve and fine tune our massage in the context of your reactions and the achieved results.

The Shirodhara

Duration : 1h – Price : 95€


A thousand-year-old care, which is a must to discover.

Focused on the “third eye”, this Ayurvedic massage possesses the virtue to relax the brain and to eliminate the tensions and the toxins build up by stress.

This treatment starts with a stimulating massage from the head and body, which restores your circulation and which makes you more receptive. After the specific phase of the Shirodhara starts: a very thin trickle of lukewarm oils (imported from India) flowing continuously on your forehead and scalp.

This gratifying flow massages your head and purifies your mind. It is followed by a Hammam session that eliminates the remaining toxins and further enhances the effect of the oils in order to prolong the effect. A long shower finishes this treatment, which will leave you refreshed and deeply relaxed.

The Indian Massage of the Head

Duration : 45 mn – Price : 70€

As an option : Duration : 20mn – Price : 35€


The head and face are massaged with Brahmi oil, produced in India. This very relaxing massage has an immediate effect on the many contractions resulting from stress and fatigue. It gives a deep feeling of “releif” and helps to “empty the head”; eliminating congestions and accumulated tensions.

We propose this treatment very often as an option. It wonderfully completes our packs and relaxing massages.

Energetics Massages


Thaï Massage of Wat Po Temple

Duration: 1h – Price: 95€


We have studied the secrets of this ancestral massage in Bangkok (Thailand) in the prestigious Wat Po School.


This energetic massage aims at stimulating your “meridians” by finger pressing. It is evenly spread among the stretching of joints and muscles, which will restore the flow in the body and will enable them to regain its vital and plain functions. It is practiced on the floor, on a comfortable cotton mattress (futon). Afterwards you will leave relaxed, agile and revitalized.

A special treatment, full of character with its special touch and really different from the oil massages as offered in many other places.

Just give it a try !


Duration : 1h – Price : 70€

As an option : Duration : 20 mn – Price : 35€


Focusing on the reflex points of the feet, this massage has a place of its own in the world of Harmonice treatments. It offers a new and very effective approach for relaxation.


We offer you a full treatment as such or as an option in our packages. For an optimal result, it is advisable to schedule three sessions of this treatment.