The hair removal which we practice underlines the Harmonice philosophy. We don’t rush. We offer you a top of the line treatment whilst taking very good care of you, with an excellent result, which is not comparable with the” run of the mill” treatments of most of the specialized institutes.

Less painful: the specific method and the wax used allow to reduce the pain considerably

Less disomfort: being waxed by a man guarantees you to be treated by practitioner who knows the specific sensibilities of every part of your body.

Minimum aggression to the skin! The peel wax minimizes skin aggression avoiding the ‘scotch effect’ of traditional wax. In addition we use waxes of very good quality.

More lasting: There are far less broken hairs; the hair is removed with its bulb which weakens and obliges it to start from scratch. Throughout the sessions the pain diminishes…

 Ideal for male hair: thicker and more rooted (deeper and bigger), it requires a specific technique improving the uprooting while decreasing pain.

The Harmonice extra: post-waxing mini massage !

To allow you to relax and get rid of waxing crispations, Harmonice offer you to complete your hair removal with a short massage using a specific oil to relax you and the skin !

Price: 15 or 30mn (15/30€)


Duration and prices of the Waxing

10€ Per 10mn
(Minimum of 50€)

Examples of masculine hair removal with estimated time:

Chest: 30/45mn
Shoulders: 10mn
Back: 30/45mn
Testicles: 30/45mn
Pubis: 15mn
Buttocks: 15/30mn
Inter buttocks furrow: 10mn
Armpits: 10mn
Arms: 20/40mn
Eyebrows (with tweezers): 10/15mn
Legs: 45mn/1H with the normal wax on areas less sensitive

The peelable wax:Perfectly adapted to the masculine hair density (thickset, bushy, thinner hair etc.), the “peeling wax” reduces the pain and limits the risks of adverse reactions (pimples, redness, skin irritation). It slows down the hair growth and effectively decreases the pain during the follow-up sessions.

Harmonice doesn’t offer waxing for women.

Permanent hair removal with laser :We have decided not to practice this as it has to be done by using laser equipment or light pulsation. We prefer to leave these kind of treatments to the medical profession also because without adapted supervision, it may end up in disaster. Be careful and don’t entrust a treatment like this to just everybody. We advise you to consult a dermatologist.